Lonza Bags Codiak的外部植物以6500万美元的价格交易

Lonza从Codiak Biosciences收购了马萨诸塞州列克星敦市的外部制造厂,该设施将保留其治疗候选者的管道。


“They represent a form of cell-to-cell communication. Cells can exchange metabolites, genetic information, and proteins through exosomes. The membrane-bound structure of exosomes allows for loading with various therapeutic cargos. Unique biochemical labeling on the surface can allow targeting specific cells or tissues to deliver their cargo.”

Codiak’s Lexington, MA facility. Image c/o Lonza


According to the CDMO, Codiak has one of the most advanced pipelines of exosome-based therapies and through acquiring its clinical manufacturing plant, Lonza will be able to provide services to third parties and “create a leading exosome offering that will benefit the broader cell and gene market,” said Ramaswamy.


Under the terms of the agreement,Codiak will retain its pipeline of therapeutic candidates and its exosome drug-loading technologies and engineering, and will receive $65 million of “in-kind” manufacturing services from Lonza

Lonza did not disclose the number of employees it will gain through the acquisition of Codiak but Ramaswamy told this publication it would “offer roles to all employees at the respective acquired sites.”


Additionally, Lonza has acquired an operational service unit in Siena, Italy from Exosomics a firm that develops advanced analytics and methods to isolate and characterize exosomes.


“一般来说,这两项收购都对更广泛的市场有利。我们打算提出一个平台,该平台将涵盖上游和下游处理功能以及分析和净化所需的表征工具箱。此产品将加速并推动我们在Lonza合作的最具创新性方式的创新。” Ramaswamy说。

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