The microfiber iPad sleeve that protects and cleans.

iphone sleeveWe also have custom microfiber sleeves for the  iPhone and the iPod Touch.

You can also purchase a microfiber cleaning pouch for your iPhone or iPod Touch. It is a great way to carry and clean your iPhone/iPod Touch at the same time. Our iShine sleeve is made of lint free microfibers that gently clean dirt and smudges from your iPhone/iPod Touch; Apple recommended cleaning method. Don’t use harsh chemicals or sprays, iShine gently cleans and doubles as a great carrying sleeve. The sleek black sleeve has two tangle resistant drawstrings and fits all current iPhone/iPod Touch models. And we offer a great deal when you buy both an iPad and an iPhone microfiber pouch.

“A useful tip for this sleeve is to use it to replace your wallet/clutch when you are going out: simply put your credit card, ID and cash in the iPhone Sleeve and the whole thing goes right into your pocket or around your wrist. For women, it is an instant little black clutch.” Say’s iShine clients.